Gabriel's Family

Feels good to love and be loved.

My Wife

My true love, cat ex-single-raiser, home manager, and wife, Margaret (Jie) Li, starts her Ph.D. study on Biomedical Sciences at University of Iowa in Fall 2022. We moved to the beautiful small town Coralville, IA, in June 2022, and rented a sweet 2B2B apartment to shelter our next 5 years’ journey. She grew up in Changsha, and she is a meta-holic of that city. She loves reading, cooking, swimming, photographing, cat grooming, and a bit piano. We connected as a couple on March 3rd, 2022, at the sacred city hall of San Francisco, CA. We took lovely wedding photos, which is regarded as one of the most important achievements in the past year:

My Cat

Chuqi is my family cat’s name. She is a 2-year-old Chinese calico cat. She was born in Changsha, and then traveled with my wife to Mexico and U.S. She subjectively is the most beautiful Chinese calico cat with a very nice front face. She is super smart knowing how to open the door, how to sneak out of the window, and how to identify that cats in videos are fake.

Her name came from a character in Gujian2, a famous and enjoyable video game in China, who is an essential supporting co-star therein depicted with cunningness but loyalty. The name itself in Mandarin means the Seventh Day in the Lunar Calendar. According to that, she also has a arguably better-hearing Japanese name, Nana. I have a fun photography project for her.